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PHS Laptop Overview
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Palmyra Area High School Laptop Overview


High School Laptop Video Tutorial 

This video tutorial explains some of the components of the MacBook Air. 

Finding Apps and Programs



You can find applications and programs on your MacBook Air by searching with Launch Pad or Spotlight. 


The video explains how to find apps in Launchpad. 

Downloading Apps



You will use Self Service to download all apps on your MacBook Air. Students can download any app in Self-Service. 


The video explains how to download apps through Self Service. 

Updating Your MacBook Air


Updating your MacBook Air will restart and take ~1 hour to complete and power on. Before starting, update the backup and save all documents, assignments, etc.

Organizing/Interacting With Schoology

Using the Schoology website, you will be able to organize your courses using the “Reorder Course” tool.


Schoology will be utilized to submit assignments. You will be expected to know how to submit documents located within Drive and in a local file format. 

Locating “Quick Links” through the website

You can access school resources through the “” website. 

Logins and Passwords

There are times when you have to enter your full email address as a username ([email protected]). For other applications/websites, you only need to enter your 5-digit number without (Ex: 12345). Here is a list of commonly used apps/websites and which username you need for each. 



5-digit number and password (i.e. 12345)



5-digit number and password (i.e. 12345)


Google Drive

Full email address (i.e. [email protected])

Control Panel



The Control Panel allows you to easily control items like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen brightness, volume, and screen mirroring. 


The video link explains how the Control Panel works. 


You can use Command+Shift+4 or Command+Shift+5 to take screenshots of your laptop screen. 

Mac Shortcuts

Copy - Command+C

Paste - Command+V

Delete/Cut - Command+X

Undo - Command+Z

Select All - Command+A

Go to Next Program - Command+Tab

Spotlight - Command+Space Bar 

Preview document in Finder or when attaching - Hold down the spacebar after you highlight a file. 

Chrome Extensions

Approved Applications

  • Grammarly

  • Google Docs Offline

  • Clever



Applications to add to Chrome to make navigating easier. 


The video link explains adding bookmarks and extensions using Chrome. Chrome is the browser that is recommended for all students to use. 


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