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How to Link Videos to Schoology from Google Drive
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Here you want to go to your video in Drive. Make sure the sharing settings are changed so that anyone with the link can view and copy the link. 


If you already know how to change the sharing settings, you can jump to Step 2: Posting to Schoology


Step 1: Change the sharing settings

Right click the video and select "Share."



Then click "Advanced" in the bottom right corner:


By default, any files in Google are listed so that only you can view them. So click "Change." 


Select the correct view settings - IMPORTANT

If you want students/staff to be able to view the video, you can select "Anyone at Palmyra Area School District with the link." If you want parents to be able to view the video, or if viewers don’t need to be signed in to their PASD google account to view, select “Anyone with the link.” 


Step 2: Posting to Schoology

Then copy the shareable link and now head to Schoology!


Once in Schoology, go to your course and click "Add Materials" and then select "Add file/link/external tool"


Then select "link"


Paste the URL to your video and give it a Title!


I would recommend clicking the newspaper button in order to have the video play in a new window, otherwise you may get a gray screen. If you get the gray screen, click the video title in the upper left hand corner or the export button in the top right hand corner and the video will play normally.



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