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How do I create an AppleID with a payment option of NONE?

The district does not provide teachers with AppleID's. This is due to the Managed AppleID's we can create being restricted to mostly iCloud functions and do not allow downloading apps from the Apple App Store. Any AppleID you wish to use will be a personal AppleID and we will never know the password or ask for it. If you want to keep work and personal separate, then we would recommend creating a new AppleID using your email address. There is a trick to creating an AppleID with no payment option, so we outlined it below.

To create an AppleID without a Payment option.

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Find an app that is Free and click the Get button associated with it
  3. When prompted to sign in with an existing AppleID or Create a New AppleID, choose Create a New AppleID
  4. Complete the rest of the process as prompted. When you get to payment options NONE should be an option.


Note: You do not need an AppleID to install apps from Self Service.

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