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How to Airplay a DVD from your MacBook Air

Using VLC to play a DVD provides you more flexibility and stability when projecting the video via your classroom projector.

  1. Plugin in the DVD drive to your Macbook Air
  2. Insert the DVD you wish to play (your computer may automatically open the DVD in the built-in DVD player application. If it does, quit out of the DVD player)
  3. Open VLC
  4. In the file menu, click File > Open Disc
  5. A box will pop-up and should be on the Disc tab, choose Open
  6. Your DVD will open to the DVD’s menu or just play
  7. Now you can turn on Airplay and choose your AppleTV

Note: VLC may ask you if you would like to “Check for album art and metadata?”. You can click “No, Thanks”

If you do not have VLC installed, follow the instructions below to install it.

How to install VLC

  1. Click on the Launch Pad , then find and click on Self Service. You can find it by scrolling left or right or by typing “Self Service” into the search bar at the top of the screen.
  2. In Self Service, click on the Category “Digital Media” from the list of categories on the right-side of the application
  3. Click on the Install button associated with VLC Player
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