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Adding a site to AVG Web Shield

The AVG Antivirus suite has a built-in web shield that helps provide your computer while surfing the Internet. Sometimes this function can prevent a site from working if it's SSL certificate is not functioning or setup properly. If it is a site you trust you can add the site to the Web Shield Whitelist by using the directions below. 


  1. Click on the Shield icon in the menu bar (by the clock)
  2. Click on Open AVG AntiVirus. The AVG Dashboard will open
  3. In the Menu bar, click AVG Antivirus > Preferences
  4. Click Exceptions, then Web Shield
  5. Click the Lock icon to allow you to add an exception. When asked to authenticate use the same UN and PW you use to sign into your computer 
  6. Click on the + button. Set the Server to "*" and the Service to "https" and click Add
  7. Try the login page again in your browser


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