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Using Clever on the iPad
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As you are using Clever for Study Island & Reading Eggs for your beginning-of-the-year assessments, I wanted to pass along a reminder that should be helpful if you are using the iPads to test. 


If students are having issues signing in with their badges, check to see if Safari is set on "Private Mode," which will prevent students from successfully signing in. Often times, this is accidentally clicked as students are closing out previously used tabs. You can confirm if your iPad is in Private Mode if the address bar and tabs are a dark-gray color, like this:


If you happen to notice Safari is in this mode, you can simply change it by pressing the squares in the right hand corner  and notice that the word "Private" is highlighted. Click the word with your finger and your browser should revert to the regular browsing mode.


You might also notice many tabs open across the top where students have used the iPads before. If you'd like to close the tabs instantly without having to individually exit off each page, hold your finger on the   icon for a couple seconds and a menu will pop up to close all tabs simultaneously. 

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