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Xtra Math and Clever
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Follow these steps to integrate XtraMath and Clever:

   1. Sign in to Clever. 

  1. You’ll get a permission page asking if XtraMath can create accounts for you. Click Allow and continue. It will open XtraMath.
  2. XtraMath will ask if you have an account already, and allow you to either sign up for a new account or connect your existing account to Clever.
  3. Once you sign in to XtraMath, you will see a message that your account is being provisioned from Clever. In a few seconds you will see the classes the were imported from Clever.
  4. If you are new to XtraMath, you’re done!


From now on, you should sign in to XtraMath only through Clever. That way, each time you sign in we will get updated rostering information from Clever and can keep       your roster synchronized with Clever.


If your students were already using XtraMath in your class, please read below:


  1. If your students were already using XtraMath in your class, don’t have them sign in through Clever yet! At this point, your students will each have two accounts: their original account and a new one from Clever. We are notified automatically that your classes may need to be merged. Within 1-2 school days we will merge the accounts as necessary (so that they can sign in through Clever without losing any progress). When this process is complete we will email you. Until then, your students can continue to log in to their accounts as they do now.
  2. Once the merge is complete your students will be able to sign in to XtraMath either through Clever or with their name and PIN as before. 


Finally, here are some notes on how to manage an XtraMath teacher account once it has been linked with Clever:

  • Within the Clever Portal, students will only see the XtraMath app via a Teacher Page — it will not appear in the main section of their Portal. If they can’t see it, the teacher needs to ensure that they’ve added XtraMath to a Page visible to that class.
  • To check this, sign into your teacher Clever account and click Homeroom in the upper right. From here, you can add Pages... or edit any existing Page to choose which classes can see it, and what apps and other resources are available within it. For more information, see Clever's support articles about the Library and about Teacher Pages.
  • You may not like the names that Clever used for classes. You may rename any class. This is just for your convenience within XtraMath, and will not change anything within Clever itself. The original “Clever name” is always visible to the side of the online class report. To rename a class, click Class settings in the left column of the class report. Change the class name and click OK.
  • Similarly, you may rename students’ display/sign-in names: Click on the student’s name in the class report to go to the student report. In the left column of the student report click Student settings.
  • Change the student’s name and click OK.
  • You might see more new classes from Clever than you expect: for instance, Attendance, Math, and Reading, all with the same students. XtraMath will try to hide these redundant classes automatically, but you can also hide them yourself: just go to the class report, and clickHide class.
  • Likewise, if you don’t see a Clever class that you are expecting to see, it might be hidden! You can un-hide a class by going to your Account page and removing it from the “Hidden Clever classes” list.
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