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How to Create a PowerSchool Parent Account

To create your PowerSchool Parent Account you will first need to request an AccessID and AccessPassword for each of your PASD students. The district distributes this information at the beginning of each school year. To request the information please contact your child's building or email us at


Creating your Account

1. Go to


2. Click on the Create Account tab, then the Create Account button.


3. Complete the top portion of the form with your own information. We recommend making using your email address as your Desired Username.


4. Complete the bottom portion of the form with the information you received in your Back-to-School email or contact your child's school to have the information emailed to you. You may enter up to 7 students before click Enter to submit your account request.


Note: if you have more than one student you will need the unique Access ID and Access Password found on each of the e-mails you received.

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